In particular, this Protocol shall not prevent the United Kingdom from concluding agreements with a third country which grant preferential access to the market of that country to products manufactured in Northern Ireland under the same conditions as products manufactured in other parts of the United Kingdom. TAKING NOTE of the agreements concluded on 29 November 2018 between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom on citizens` rights, tobacco and other products, cooperation in environmental matters and cooperation in police and customs matters, as well as the agreement concluded on 29 November 2018 on the conclusion of an agreement on taxation and the protection of financial interests, Specific obligations under international agreements In this briefing note details the withdrawal agreement negotiated between the EU and the UK and concluded on 14 November 2018. It was endorsed by member states and the EU government at a special European Council summit on 25 November and the British Prime Minister promoted it in the UK Parliament and across the country. The agreement has been debated in detail several times in Parliament and voted on three times. But the House of Commons did not approve it. A second extension of Article 50 lasted on the day of withdrawal until 31 October 2019, but once again the UK faces the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal if that deal or any other deal is not ratified by the UK and the EU. STRESSING that the objective of this agreement is to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union and Euratom, the provisions on citizens` rights between the United Kingdom and the EU were agreed in the draft Withdrawal Agreement of March 2018. There are no substantive amendments or additions, except in the provisions relating to the rights of nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. `supply of an article intended for distribution, consumption or use` means the fact that, at the end of the manufacturing phase, an existing and individually identifiable article is the subject of a written or oral agreement between two or more legal or natural persons on the transfer of ownership, other ownership or possession of the article in question; or is the subject of an offer to one or two natural persons to conclude such a contract; The UK has decided to introduce a system that requires EU citizens to apply for a new residency status called “established” or “pre-established”. .