16 MAIN TOPICS DISCUSSED Host Services Fees and Expenses Host Operating Services Production Handling Services Costs and Expenses Capacity Accounting Procedures 30 Production Prioritization – ResultsInterrupted Reduced or Suspended on the Basis of host Company Ullage Prorated Formulas given for each calculation Host production proportionally reduced only in firm pro rata This document reflects the common belief of the a PJVA and CAPL, that the only efficient and effective way to address the growing problem of shared well platforms without agreements is to create a previous document that can be used as a starting point for the vast majority of platform sharing agreements. 12 Multi-field developmentThis is an example of multi-field development. The NaKika host platform was built 50/50 by Shell and BP to handle production from a number of fields, most of which owned Shell and BP 50/50. NaKika Facility This new model, with your support and contribution, becomes a robust and comprehensive document. 29 Production PrioritizationAlances Considered: Establishing Types of Constraints Processing Equipment Export Pipeline System Ensuring Host Capacity Utilization in Case of Constraints 17 IMPORTANT TOPICS DISCUSSED Measurement and AllocationUse of MMS and Industry Practices Collection and Transportation Necessary to Address Material Imbalances Compensation. The set of documents published on the websites includes: 3 Deepwater MODEL FORM PHAPHA MODELFORM DESIGN TEAM Design Consulting Chevron Exxon Mobile Shell You can get a front of the text and annotations by printing the PDF in a two-sided format. Deepwater Production Handling Agreements PHA MODEL FORM DRAFTING TEAM DraftingConsulting ChevronTexaco ExxonMobil Shell Exploration & Production 18 Expense Estimates Considered:Different Cost Recovery Methods (e.B. Actual Operating Costs vs. Fixed Costs) Operation and Maintenance Costs (O&M) Calculate Satellites Directly for Facilities That Only Serve Satellites? Assign and load satellites for community facilities?. Deep-sea production handling agreements ARE ACTION CASES • PHA assessments, negotiations and contractual agreements are complex • No framework for consistency with the terms of contractual agreements • Negotiations are time-consuming and resource-intensive Click here to see a copy of the presentation by Jay Todesco of Nexen Energy ULC and co-chair of the UROA Editorial Board. Deep-water production handling agreements Subject: Factories Alternative risk finance vehicles. Start of development in 2010 Introduction of the first captive in 2011 Current active portfolio – Legacy Health – Heterogeneous.

The University of Texas Arlington Office of Research and the Office of Accounting and Business Services Brown Bag Training Session Three: The 1,2,3 of. We are pleased to announce that the new PJVA-CAPL Pad Site Sharing Agreement (PSSA) was introduced on September 25, 2018 for over 210 PJVA/CAPL members and others, and that documents related to the PSSA are now available on the PJVA website here. 27 Capacity approaches consideredAccess Definition of host capacity Definition of capacity types Breakable Firm throughput assurance Interruptible capacity with fixed capacity option Granting throughput assurance Capacity utilization Will consider simplification based on feedback. To use the PSSA, you can order it online via the order form for PJVA publications – Word documents with the annotated PDF document. .