a. Applicability. You and Wag! Agree that any disputes or claims arising out of or in any way related to your use of the Services, these Terms, additional terms or your receipt of messages from Wag! is resolved by binding arbitration on an individual basis and not in court, except that if your claims are qualified, if your claims are qualified, you remain in such court and advance only on an individual basis. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this arbitration agreement applies if you are an employee of Wag! are not for claims or disputes arising from your employment relationship with Wag! and such claims and disputes may be settled by separate agreements. Any dog can bite, not just aggressive dogs, when put in unknown situations with an inexperienced handler or handler. Having already worked with a company, I would say that I would like there to be more training for potential hikers, as I believe there is a certain etiquette that should be followed when you enter people`s homes and work with their fur babies and, of course, also help hikers deal with potential situations like this. And as she mentioned in her comment, Walker`s support line is terrible. No one ever answers or if they do, it`s hours later. I disagree, Wag in Philadelphia has a handful of hikers who always get the first dibs on every walk. They often ask me to take walks 8-10 miles away, but I live in central Philadelphia. There are tons of tall apartment buildings near my day job, but wag “regulars” have them in lockdown. I`m sorry, but Wag is.

Also, I would never trust a walker to enter my home and take my dog with him without ever meeting him beforehand. I have a scar on my wrist and one on my thigh and I consider myself very lucky not to be in the door and to be able to slam it and that the dog did not go out and did not hold me captive in the hallway. Overall, if you recommend Wag, please also inform potential hikers that there is a great risk. They are more likely to prevail against dog walkers than against random customers. Dog owners bite walkers more than a dog. Many of them are real strikebreakers. It`s a completely different bowl full of anger. The calculation of the owner of the animal is anti-competitive, inapplicable absurd, the calculation of the migration of animals means a lawsuit for additional payment and taxes given the obvious misclassification as an entrepreneur. f. 30-day right of withdrawal….