Such acceptance must be safe and non-vague and free from influence, violence or misrepresentation. Although these e-contracts have carved a path to our lives, no one really knows how to go about it, or how much we can count on them. In addition, there are no specific judicial precedents for the validity and applicability of Click-Wrap agreements, making them more difficult to understand. Other countries, such as the United States, have looked at situations in which they have stated that click-wrap agreements are just as applicable as long as the essential elements of a treaty are not disturbed, as enforceable as other treaties. The Indian Contract Act of 1872 has a fundamental legally binding standard that an agreement is essential if competent parties withdraw it from their free consent for legal reasons. There is no particular method for offer and acceptance; It tends to be done orally, in writing or even by behavior. In this way, oral chords are as legitimate as paper or traditional chords. However, the main condition is that they possess all the essential elements of a valid contract. Another issue concerning the electronic contract around which flies float concerns the application of the signature to an electronic record. While the Contracts Act does not require written contracts to be signed specifically; For a contract to be valid and enforceable, each party is required to confirm its acceptance in one way or another.