This solution offers you the advantage of obtaining resumes and interviewing candidates at no additional cost to the client. This is because it is a free service until a candidate we provide is selected. Choose this option if you work through your own EU-registered company to charge TEQNEEKS and pay taxes independently. We may give our customers the opportunity to hire a contractor that we have made available to them as permanent collaborators, subject to a minimum working time and/or a one-time fee paid to us. (These can only be displayed with a user-specific password and are made available to candidates if they are selected to join the team.) (These are only viewable with a user-specific password and are made available to consultants if there is a good probability of selection or if we have determined if our clients have decided to go further in the recruitment process with a candidate.) Select this option if you are already registered to work and invoice as a freelancer in the country where the work is done and pilot it on the spot as an individual This solution is better suited for permanent jobs. Fees are normally paid in 3 steps (negotiable) – A fixed percentage/fee in advance to start the search, a percentage/fixed for each interview performed and a percentage/fixed as soon as a selection has been made. Choose this option if you work through a payroll company that is responsible for billing TEQNEEKS and pays you taxes and social insurance/social insurance for you in the country where you will be working. We give our clients the opportunity to reduce recruitment expenses by entering into contracts directly with the contractors we provide and paying our fees separately. Choose this option to view a copy of our employment contract as well as our commission program, benefits and incentives. .