“To date, it is estimated that China has committed to investing $US 1 trillion in “hard” and “soft” infrastructure, from ports and high-speed trains to telecommunications and cyberspace, and has signed Memorandums of Understanding with 138 countries. Andrews argued that his state did not have the natural resources of some others and that it needed to explore other options. Others said Mr Andrews had reached an agreement with China for politically opportunistic reasons: his government is going to the polls in less than two weeks. Even if the agreement is initially approved, the Minister of Foreign Affairs retains the power to revoke that authorization at a later date. According to government briefing documents, the legislation will give the power of general interest to denounce all private contracts and other agreements that are of the main agreement. The four-page Memorandum of Understanding, released late Sunday, says the two sides “will work together as part of the Belt and Road initiative,” China`s multi-billion dollar project to revitalize an old network of land and ocean trade routes. Victoria`s agreement with China doesn`t make much sense in the current political and economic climate, opponents say. Image: Getty ImagesQuelle:Getty Images Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke in a tense interview on Friday of rumours of tensions with Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, as Australia has had to weigh its economic relationship with China against its strategic security alliance with the United States. Since John Howard became Prime Minister more than a decade ago, Canberra has tried to make both powers happy.

Political pressure on Mr. Andrews to renounce Victoria`s agreements with China is intensifying, but he and the government remain firm. John Blaxland, professor of international security and intelligence studies at the Australian National University, said the Victorian government`s decision not to show the draft FDFA agreement was “quite exceptional and almost contradictory.” “In light of today`s announcements by the Prime Minister, he will no doubt very soon be able to list the full range of other free trade agreements and other markets in which we will be sending Victorian products. I`m looking forward to it. Instead, Victoria should invest more in expanding trade and investment agreements with countries such as India, Japan and Vietnam, Fitzgerald said. This money often comes with the requirement that Chinese companies be heavily involved in planning and construction, and Chinese employees are often recruited for work, thus minimizing the immediate economic benefits to the country that aligns the project. Some MPs from the Labor Party and the federated states were disappointed on Tuesday by former Victorian campaign leader Kosmos Samaras, who suggested that the BIS deal had helped the Andrews government win the 2018 regional elections. The Morrison government will pursue new powers to prevent governments, regional and local governments and universities from entering into agreements with foreign governments that it says undermine Australia`s foreign policy objectives. They also contained security assessments of agreements with China, but not the specific Victorian Belt and Road agreement. Join ABC News on Messenger for the best information on our campaign reporting and political analysis.