Public servants are increasingly confronted with ethical issues – harassment in sport and match-fixing. Public servants can be criticized, abused and harassed. Public servants can also have a huge influence on athletes, coaches and others in a game or event. Issues such as sportsmanship, assault, fraud, harassment, abuse of power and harassment are all part of sport. All sports have a code of conduct for coaches, players, spectators/parents and civil servants. It is important that public servants are aware of and comply with their sport`s code of conduct at all times. For sports that do not have their own official code of conduct, the following behaviours can be used to develop your own: the adoption of a code of conduct supports the values of sport, honesty, responsibility, respect, safety, professionalism and justice. The Australian Sports Commission`s national code of conduct for public servants is a challenge. Public servants must have a strong character.

Public servants should be aware that their approach to friendsing can influence the experience and enjoyment of sport.